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Noa Arad Yairi is an Israeli-born Jerusalem-based contemporary artist working mainly in the media of sculpting.

Arad Yairi studied visual arts at the NB Haifa School of Design (1984-1988). Soon after her graduation she opened a design studio and has been an art director and graphic designer.

On 2007 Noa closed the studio and started working full time as a sculptor. She is showing in exhibitions since 2009.

Being a woman and an Israeli living in Jerusalem, a harsh and complicated city, are the anchors in Noa's work. Her body of work consists of works dealing with the core of being a woman in a contemporary world, and works with a political inclination placed in the public sphere or as site specific. The figurative sculptures are the platform for the connection between the intellectual and the visceral.

Noa sculpts in clay in the subtraction technique. Some sculptures are fired and stay in clay and of some she makes a mold and cast different materials, depending on the subject (cement, polymeric plaster, polyester among others).

Alongside her work in the studio Arad Yairi is working with the Empty House group in artistic ventures, as an artist and as an artistic manager.

Arad Yairi's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Israel, Europe and in the US.

Arad Yairi teaches sculpture in the Emuna Academic College of Art and Education, and is an advisor for projects at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

noa arad yairi

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